One company, two profiles

One company, two profiles

Diverse and global

Through acquisitions made in the last few years, Ferrovial has diversified its risk geographically. At present, almost 80% of EBITDA is obtained from businesses outside Spain.

This diversification strategy designed in 2000, both in types of businesses and in markets and internationalisation, has led to Ferrovial ending the year with strong growth, in spite of the difficulties in the financial markets and the change of cycle in the construction industry.

In the last few years, Ferrovial has used construction as a motor for financing expansion in other more profitable businesses that have the capacity to generate more cash flow in the long term.

Through an intensive investment policy (9,000 million since 2000) Ferrovial has been able to make the most of the resources generated in recent years by construction to join major transport infrastructure operations at international level, with revenues that are more visible, steady and, above all, with a higher margin. Today, Ferrovial is a company that has two clear business profiles:

Infrastructures operator

The airports and toll roads business dictate a profile intensive in capital, with negative short-term net income but with an increasing cash flow generation in the medium and long term.

Industrial profile

One profile is more industrial, the construction and services business, and not very capital-intensive, generating a lot of cash flow and generating a positive net income. As a whole, Construction and Services give a recurrent EBITDA of more than 800 million euro. At present, construction accounts for 11% of Ferrovial's EBITDA.

Number One Private Infrastructure Developer Worldwide

Number One Private Infrastructure Developer Worldwide

Ferrovial has become the largest private infrastructure company in the world, in terms of capital invested, according to Public Works Financing, the prestigious US magazine.